Data Plus Hospitality Solutions DPHS offers a total solution for all of your hospitality-specific back office needs. The fully integrated suite streamlines your daily Finance, HR, Procurement operations and provides the hospitality statistical reporting you need to operate at your most efficient. A total ERP Hospitality Solution packaged affordably.
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Each of our customers on this map had a unique set of requirements that Data Plus was able to solve using its interfaces, applications and solutions based approach.

Hilton Vancouver, Vancouver BC
One of a growing number of hotels in Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary and Vancouver using Data Plus and its multi-currency and multi-property capabilities.

Talbot Hotel, Chicago IL
Boutique hotel in Chicago using Data Plus hosted Finance Suite, DPAnalytics and Opera interface.

Interstate Hotels & Resorts, Fairfax VA
More than 20 properties managed by Interstate use the Data Plus hosted Finance Suite as well as Purchasing/Inventory along with multiple interfaces including Birchstreet and Blackline.

Triumph Hotels, New York NY
Six unique boutique hotels in New York City use DPFinance, DPAnalytics, DPSupply and DPDocs.

Turnberry Hotels and Resorts
Data Plus selected in early 2013 to provide hosted DPFinance, DPAnalytics, DPSupply and DPDocs for its collection of 8 premier properties.

Gleneagles Hotel, Perth Scotland
The Gleneagles Hotel and Resort, host of the 2014 Ryder’s Cup, relies on Data Plus to manage its Purchasing and Inventory for multiple retail and food outlets.

Lanesborough, London England
One of several London hotels using Data Plus Finance Suite interfaced with its PMS and F&B systems

ARAC, Medina Saudi Arabia
Currently at 8 properties and growing, ARAC represents one of a number of installations in the Middle East where Data Plus has had a presence since 1991.

Cuisinart, Anguilla
A showplace installation representing the Data Plus presence in the Caribbean. Nine applications are combined with multiple interfaces with their PMS and POS systems.

Trump Panama, Panama City
One of the growing Trump Hotel Collection all of whom rely on Data Plus for their back office systems.

Ka’anapoli, Maui Hawaii
Maui’s most Hawaiian hotel is one of several Data Plus installations on the islands. Financial applications are combined with Purchasing and Inventory for an integrated back office solution.

JRK Hotels, Los Angeles CA
Of the many installations in California, Data Plus is especially proud of its ability to be the only vendor capable of meeting their unique interfacing requirements.

Aimbridge, Dallas TX
What was once 7 properties is now 200 in a single Data Plus database using DPFinance, DPAnalytics and DPDocs

In the four years that we used DPHS, we had NO DOWN TIME, NO DATA CORRUPTION, and had very positive experiences with updates and fixes. Although I did not call often, when we needed to call, the support staff was available, courteous, and knowledgeable about the issues and did whatever it took to solve our problem.

Meredith B., Financial Controller

Hotel Ella


Complex Needs. One Hospitable Solution.



A complete collection of accounting modules tailored to meet all your hospitality-specific requirements. General Ledger, Payables, Receivables, and Bank Reconciliation.

+ Accounts Payable

Manage your payables with the flexibility and visibility needed in an industry that is often impacted by seasonal cash flow.

Save Money
Blank laser stock eliminates the cost of pre-printed checks.

Gain Control
Automate payments and expense distributions.

Hospitality Specific
Enter an Invoice and print a Check in one step when on-demand payments are required.

Accounts Payable Data Sheet

+ General Ledger

A flexible General Journal that tracks as many accounts for as many properties as needed in real time.

Save Money
Multiple Budgets make it easy to manage and track income and expense in a single place.

Gain Control
User definable Chart of Accounts and Financial Statements.

Hospitality Specific
Daily Flash reporting of all revenues and expenses by Actuals and Budgets for any currency or statistical amount.

General Ledger Data Sheet

+ Accounts Receivable

Save Money
Automate recurring billings and generate account-type specific invoices and statements.

Gain Control
Track and apply Deposits easily in order to monitor expected revenue projections.

Hospitality Specific
Unique account information tracking for Trade, Members and Tenants accounts.

Manage your direct bills or special receivables with a system that recognizes that different type of accounts have unique needs.

Accounts Receivable Data Sheet

+ Bank Reconciliation

Highly automated reconciliation of as many Bank Accounts as you have using data downloaded from your bank’s website. Reconcile monthly, weekly, or daily!

Save Money
Significantly reduce the time spent reconciling General Ledger with your bank accounts.

Gain Control
Simultaneously create and post General Ledger transactions for fees and payments.

Hospitality Specific
Designed to ease the reconciliation of Credit Card company payments.

Bank Reconciliation Data Sheet



Through seamless integration, detailed reporting, and the latest in barcode scanning and online PO approval technology, you gain efficiency and immediate visibility in your Hotel, F&B, and Retail Operations.

+ Purchasing & Receiving

Control your Purchasing function while providing complete integration with Payables and General Ledger.

Save Money
Paperless Requisition and Purchase Order approval and delivery.

Gain Control
Restrict spending by department and individual to stay within budget.

Hospitality Specific
Manage all three types of purchases – General Stores, Retail, and Food & Beverage.

Purchasing/Receiving Data Sheet

+ Inventory

Track all of your General Stores, Retail, and Food & Beverage items for as many Storerooms or Stocking Locations as needed. Report on Inventory Valuation as well as Sales Margins and Retail Markups.

Save Money
Know what and when to order with comparison of theoretical versus actual costs.

Gain Control
Create bar code labels to speed the Physical Inventory process.

Hospitality Specific
Multiple interfaces available for Retail, Spa, and Restaurant Point of Sale systems.

Inventory Data Sheet



DPAnalytics leverages your familiarity with Excel with the power of a full Business Intelligence Platform.

+ DPAnalytics

The ultimate reporting solution that unleashes the full power of Excel on a demand or scheduled basis via automated delivery or your own web portal.

Save Money
All reporting done in Excel – the application you already own and know.

Gain Control
Include data from multiple sources – Back Office, PMS, POS, Time & Attendance and more.

Hospitality Specific
Daily reporting with user-defined metrics that allow you to compare Actual to Budget to Forecast.

DPAnalytics Data Sheet



With DPDocs, Data Plus has applied its Collect/Manage/Visualize methodology to apply modern imagine to improve your back office workflow and business processes.

+ DPDocs


With DPDocs, Data Plus has applied its Collect/Manage/Visualize methodology to apply modern imaging to
improve your back office work flow and business processes. Because the solution is modular and flexible, it can
be modified to fit the specific needs of each organization.

Providing solutions for scenarios such as:

    • Finding a lost or misplaced invoice
    • Getting an invoice to a remote approver instantly at no cost
    • Provide an auditor with all of the documentation for a question on one screen

Typical Business Solution #1

Stand-alone hotel wants to reduce the cost of handling
documents and reduce the amount of non-revenue
generating space devoted to storage.

Use DPDocs to scan invoices, purchase orders and
receiving documents to store them as electronic files
accessible by anyone, anywhere. Transactions can
be linked to a document scanned during entry or to
documents scanned in advance or later.

Typical Business Solution #2

Management company wants to reduce the time delay
and cost associated with shipping invoices from the
remote hotels to the corporate office.

Scan the invoices at the hotel and have the images
uploaded to the corporate office for processing or
alternatively, have the remote staff enter the invoice
into the system and attach the scanned image.

DPDocs Data Sheet



A web-based, Software as a Service (SaaS) solution for all of your back office functions with over 100 interfaces to allow you to create a total data management solution. Use as much as you need on a flexible monthly billing plan that allows you to scale up or down as needed with minimal capital investment.

+ DPOnline

What is DPHS Online?

Software as a Service (SaaS), also known as cloud computing, is a model of software deployment where an application is hosted on the vendor’s secure server. Customers pay a monthly subscription fee to access the software via the internet.

Who Should Consider the SaaS Model?

Cloud computing lends itself well to both large and small companies having a desire to reduce capital expenditures, but still wanting to utilize high-end, industry-specific software.

What are the Advantages of the SaaS Model?

Easy Access – Access Data Plus from anywhere on the planet with a computer that has internet access! Just type in the url of our SaaS website into your browser and enter your secure login. You will have all your accounting information at your fingertips, no matter where you are! This accessibility is conducive to centralized and decentralized operating styles, or a combination of both.

Scalable – With your current on-site server installation, servers and data backups must always be maintained by your IT staff. As additional properties and users are added, additional investments in infrastructure must made to accommodate that growth. With SaaS, data is securely maintained and backed up on a nightly basis and the infrastructure is already in place to allow for unrestricted growth.

Affordability –By moving to cloud computing / SaaS environment, capital expenditures decrease and payment for the service is made on a monthly basis. You have access to more applications for much less than what you would have to pay to purchase the applications outright. All the advantages of a true hospitality-specific ERP back office solution are available at a fraction of the investment.

Is My Data Secure?

We provide high-level security by partnering with a state-of-the-art data center that is SAS70 Type II certified.

How Long Will it Take to Implement?

Because the server hardware and software is already in place, typical installations are much quicker than those for an installed system. We have brought users up including data conversion in less than 2 weeks, although, a more typical time frame would be 4 weeks.

When is the System Available for Me to Access?

The DPOnline site is available 24/7, with backups scheduled between 2 am and 4 am. During this time, your database will be down for the time required to back it up. We provide a service level guarantee that the system will be available 99.8% of the time except for backup and scheduled maintenance.

Can I Convert an Existing Application to DPOnline?

Yes, this can easily be done. In fact, each DPOnline installation comes pre-packaged to include Bank Reconciliation and our new DPAnalytics reporting tool. So typically users find that they have access to more modules and functionality than they did with their standard onsite installation.

Will I Be Able to Interface With our Vendors?

Absolutely; we currently have 100+ interfaces available for all the major hospitality vendors including PMS , POS , Time & Attendance, Food & Beverage, Payroll, and more.

DPHS offers a total solution for all of your hospitality-specific back office needs. The fully integrated suite streamlines your daily Finance, HR, Procurement operations and provides the hospitality statistical reporting you need to operate at your most efficient. A total ERP Hospitality Solution packaged affordably.

Customer Profiles

Using our Collect/Manage/Visualize Methodology, Data Plus has created successful solutions for Hotels and Management companies with varying management styles.

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